Did you know this about puppies?

Did you know puppies are pretty helpless the first 12 days of their lives. Their eyes and ears are not yet open. They spend the majority of the time nursing and sleeping.The transitional period is between 12 and 21 days. Motor skills begin to develop and walking is unstable. Between 21 and 84 days the puppies socialization period begins. This is the period that is best for a puppy to experience its environment without being fearful. The primary socialization stage is between 3-5 weeks. Puppies learn immensely at this stage. This stage establishes the foundation for good or bad behavior as they get older. Improper socialization at this stage can lead to anxiety, fear and aggression towards people or other dogs.

The secondary socialization stage is between 6-12 weeks. This is the “process of bonding and social conditioning within the context of the human domestic environment…..” (Lindsay,2000). Puppies should be given the opportunity to experience everything in its environment. The exposure should always be fun for the puppy. The list of some exposures could be: touching by strangers, different types of dogs, different types of people, Loud noises, bicylists, joggers, fast moving vehicles, and skateboarders. The list is endless. The puppy should be relatively calm and having a good time. The puppy should not be showing any stressful reactions.

Puppies with poor social skills can become adults with many problems. These problems can be life debilitating and hard to rehabilitate to full recovery. Owners with little experience with dysfunctional dogs are hard pressed to find answers. That’s why it’s important for owners to understand the importance of socialization at a early age. Usually puppieswith poor socialization skills have trouble “fitting in” because of their dysfunctional behavior. Some things to look for with a poor socialized puppy are: distrust and fear of people or other dogs, poor learning skills, lack of problem-solving abilities, behavior disabilities, shun companionship, shys away from social contact. An obvious symptom is Aggression.


Article Credit: www.giovannasdogtraining.com