Concentrate on pet safety this summer

Keeping critters safe from MY rambunctious pets this summer is my top summer pet safety project, as you know from my June blog. But during this month of picnics and camping, fireworks and boating, it is also important to keep in mind your pet really is safer at home.

Betsy and Jake

And even when you all stay home together, be extra vigilant. Many pets will get lost this month (some shelters swell by 30-50% after Independence Day) as a result of bolting when the pets hear fireworks or when doors are left open during barbecues. And speaking of barbecues and summer safety, remember that friends don’t let friends eat bones, beers, citronella candles or sparklers. They can all be toxic.

We want to remind you to keep pets indoors and not to take them to fireworks displays. We have other tips for dogs andfor cats as well as an entire gallery of Independence Day safety infographics. You can also play the radio or television to deaden some of the loud fireworks.  A Thundershirt may help your pet overcome some of his or her anxiety, and your veterinarian can supply medications to help your pet through this traumatic holiday.

Thanks goodness Independence Day comes but once a year.  Watching a pet suffer through it can be traumatic for pet parents as well.